Michael Coren's Article

Spring 2013 CSANews Issue 86  |   Posted date : May 01, 2013.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Congratulations to Michael Coren, and to you, for having the courage to put into words and publishing what our politicians and immigration authorities can't seem to understand and/or deal with.

Coren says; If we say nothing, we don't deserve the freedom.

I say: If we do nothing, we won't have our freedom.

I am forwarding his article to my members of Parliament. Thank you.

Gary E.
Kingston, ON

Response :
Ed: We received several very complimentary letters regarding Mr. Coren’s most recent article. You can’t help but admire a person who speaks their mind so directly and eloquently, even if you cannot agree with his position all of the time.

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