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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

As a Medipac Insurance customer, I am just wondering something. If I have to make a 911 call and all of the first responders (i.e. police, ambulance, fire department, dog catcher, etc.) react, how much coverage do I have through Medipac for their services. We are in Yuma and have heard that we are totally on the hook for the entire EMS costs involved, which could reach into the $15,000 range. Please advise.

Gerry P.
Spruce Grove, AB

Response :
Ed: Medipac covers all of your EMS costs, period; subject to your deductible, of course. We would not pay for the dog catcher, but then neither should you. Our competitors spread many “half-truths” to mislead snowbirds, hoping that they will buy their (usually inferior) travel insurance. The half-truth is that most provincial government plans will not pay for ambulances, etc. With Medipac and several other travel insurance plans, this is fully covered, of course. We have evidence that people who called our competitors' telephone lines, when asked if they were the “Snowbirds,” the answer was “Yes” and they proceeded to purchase travel insurance from these companies. Some of the advertising can be very misleading, as well. For instance, Medipac has a trademark on the words “Early Bird Travel Insurance,” but several other providers use this phrase, or close to it, to confuse you into believing that they are really Medipac or CSA. Be very careful from whom, and what, you buy this season.

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