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Spring 2013 CSANews Issue 86  |   Posted date : May 01, 2013.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Gerry (Brissenden, CSA Past-President) gave a presentation to our coffee hour folks at Sunnybreeze Christian Fellowship yesterday near Arcadia, Florida. Just over 200 listened with appreciation (half-Canadian and half-American audience). The presentation was so well received that one of our American friends asked Gerry if he would consider becoming an American citizen, so he could work on some of the problems south of the border! Thank you CSA for making such volunteers available to us.

Don J.
Bailieboro, ON

Response :
Ed: Gerry is one of CSA’s best assets and does almost 100 events each year, but we think that we Canadians will keep him. Call the CSA office if you might need a speaker for an event.

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