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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Last winter while in Panama City Beach, I purchased an e-mail machine. This machine is for sending and receiving e-mails only. I found I could keep in touch with my family and friends anywhere in the world, where there was a telephone/110 volt plug-in. The machine is called a VTech (1-888-468-8324) in the States and I believe they are also in B.C. A terrific way if one doesn't want a full computer, a printer can be bought to match it.

J. Thorpe

P.S. Some business operators told me that they really don't need Canadians down in the Panama City Beach area. (Yeah right!).

Response :
We've heard of these e-mail machines but never used one, and we pass this along for interest's sake only. "Yeah, right," is certainly the appropriate comment (Mr. Thorpe's P.S.). Panama City Beach is a wonderful area with 1000s of Canadians helping to make it so.

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