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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

This past winter, I had the misfortune of contracting GBS (Guillain-Barre syndrome). I, like many others, had never heard of this debilitating autoimmune disorder. If you want a scary read, Google it on the Internet. With the accompanying pain and lack of sleep due to the pain, I ended up in the ER four nights in a row, and on each occasion, the doctors were unable to correctly diagnose this medical problem. Those visits translated into a bill from the hospital and doctors of $35,000. Now that’s really scary. Thank God I had travel insurance and, in particular, Medipac coverage. Every staff member with whom I dealt was kind, courteous and most understanding. With four doctors in Texas being unable to determine my medical problem, Medipac flew me home. I then spent 10 days in the Ottawa Civic Hospital, where after numerous tests which included a spinal tap, the doctors verified GBS. A followup examination two weeks after being released determined that the immune system had become stable and that I could return to Texas. Once again, without any hesitation, Medipac made it possible for me to fly to my southern winter retreat. I have always recommended Medipac to my fellow snowbirds. Now, armed with first-hand experience unfortunate though it may be, those recommendations will only be stronger. Thank you, Medipac!

Don K.
Williamstown, ON

Response :
Ed: Out of interest, our first such case of GBS at Medipac was with Don Slinger, one of the CSA's early and finest presidents. The details of his case were almost identical to yours, although his did take longer to clear up. We evacuated him to the University Hospital in London, Ontario and, by coincidence, they had special programs and were doing research on GBS. A very fast diagnosis with immediate treatment saved his life, I am sure, as the paralysis had already progressed before the doctors got it under control.

Mr. Slinger totally recovered and lived for many more years without any reoccurrence. Thanks for your kind words; I will pass them on to Medipac’s assistance staff.

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