Medipac Application Questions

Fall 2012 CSANews Issue 84  |   Posted date : Jul 29, 2013.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

I will never endorse CSA as long as they endorse discriminatory insurer, Medipac. The first question on the Medipac application involves HIV, ARC and AIDS. They use this highly discriminatory question to deny coverage and to deny claims. Shame on everyone at CSA for endorsing a company with such overtly discriminatory practices. Shame on everyone at CSA for endorsing a company that uses false advertising to gain clients, sell insurance, collect premiums and then deny claims. Shame, shame, shame.

John L.

Response :
Ed: Well, not quite correct. We can’t deny your claim because we do not allow people who have these diseases, or many other diseases that are “terminal” in nature, to purchase Medipac at all. We believe that this cost should not be shared among all snowbirds, as rates would have to drastically increase. We will, however, review each individual situation; we may be able to cover you in our underwritten plan and we would even cover your AIDS-related issues. We feel no shame at all, as we are very likely the only company in Canada trying to find you a solution.

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