92-year old father-in-law doesn’t want to buy travel insurance

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

We have my wife’s 92-year-old father living with us and he wants to come to Florida with us, but will not get any insurance. What do you advise us to do? We don't want to be liable if anything happens.

Kevin McLoughlin
Ridgeway, ON

Response :
Ed.: Do NOT take him unless he buys insurance. The nightmares you could be faced with are just not worth it. I may get in trouble for saying this but, if you go to a hospital without insurance, your care can definitely suffer and you are putting your father at risk. You may have seen the exposé on TV that showed an older woman wandering around outside a hospital in her nightgown. She was put into a taxi and sent there by another hospital that refused to treat her because she had no insurance. If all else fails, I would buy the insurance for him. My mother is also 92 and it is quite expensive, but it is very cheap when you need it, which is highly likely.

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