Do you have an address if you live full-time in an RV?

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

The vast majority of snowbirds are without a Canadian home address for the simple fact that they have sold their homes and are living full time in their RVs. Ever try to get into the U.S. with a title of homeless? Not only border crossing; try getting a licence for anything. My question is: can anything be done to address this fact or must many full-time snowbirds continue to misrepresent their status to appease government regulations. It appears that everyone is turning a blind eye to these facts until something happens, and then I'm sure you will be called to task, drawn and quartered and found wanting...

George from BC

Response :
Ed.: Your address is where you normally park your RV in Canada and hopefully, that is where your mail is sent as well. A simple lot lease or deed, or a letter of permission to park somewhere in Canada will usually suffice as an address (they don’t like post office boxes). Carrying a social insurance card, your driver’s licence (which has an address) and a Canadian tax return will help. Your “blind eye” analogy is very correct in our experience.

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