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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,
We are not snowbirds yet, but decided to become CSA members to learn more about becoming
snowbirds in the future. Your publications are outstanding and, after reading some Bird Talk questions and feedback, I have a question concerning OHIP. If we sell our house in Ontario, store our belongings in Ontario, travel to the U.S. for four months (no fixed address for those four months, but we would buy Medipac insurance for the U.S. trip), return to Canada and then buy a house in Nova Scotia, do we still have continuous health coverage from OHIP? I understand that there is a 90-day waiting period in Nova Scotia for provincial health insurance, which is usually provided by the previous province but, if we are absent from Canada for four months, will OHIP still provide coverage?
Gregg T.,

Response :
Ed.: You are right to be concerned. If you do not have a permanent home in Canada, then you will become a U.S. resident and be subject to tax on your worldwide income. Actually, you do have such a home…even though it is a storage facility. That is where your belongings are. You must maintain your status as a resident of Ontario to be safe. I would return to Ontario before moving to Nova Scotia, and then announce your plans to the world. The 90-day waiting period is correct. Your Medipac coverage will be fine during these four months.

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