Unacceptable Business Practices

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,
Recently, I negotiated a medical travel insurance policy with Johnson Medoc for a prolonged period of absence from the country. On reviewing the confirmation letter from them, I found that a sum of more than $400 had been added for trip cancellation insurance, which represents 25% of the total cost, or 33% of the health insurance component.
As I drive to my own condo in Florida, I have no trip cancellation costs. I called the company to have it removed, which they refused to do. Thus, Medoc is forcing me to spend $400 on trip cancellation insurance that I don't need and for which they carry no risk.
In addition, I notice that they do not give any credit for retired public servants who have the 40-day-per-trip coverage included in their pension plans.
I also notice that they include an automatic renewal arrangement wherein the policyholder has to take positive action to cancel the policy in future years; otherwise, it is automatically renewed each fall. This could result in policyholders inadvertently renewing a policy which they don't want. In my opinion, these provisions are unacceptable business practices and so I want to alert our members about what is going on.
Colin Billowes
Kanata, ON

Response :
Ed.: This is another FYI. We, of course, like Medipac the best – by miles.

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