Standard Election Dates

Fall 2001 CSANews Issue 40  |   Posted date : Apr 01, 2007.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Your Spring Issue 38 makes reference to voting problems experienced by our CSA members in November 2000.

I have a degree of understanding for Elections Canada, due to the snap decision made by our government to have an election in November 2000.

It is my opinion (I imagine you have heard it before) that, through legislation, we adopt standard election dates covering the future calling of general elections. "Every four years on the third Monday in November."

Changing to a fixed date would allow Elections Canada to be prepared and avoid the problem that was experienced in November 2000, which is not acceptable to the Canadian population in general.

Thank you.
H. Steeves
Moncton, NB

Response :
A similar letter was received from Walt Huber of St. Albert, AB. He recommended June 15th as a standard election date, every four years, and calculated that millions of dollars would be saved as a result. Harriet McMorran of Spring Bay, ON suggested that Elections Canada change their phone system to provide English and French service on separate lines. Sounds like two great ideas to us.

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