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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Recently, the Financial Post printed an article about the plan, as of June of this year, to share information as to when Canadians enter the United States and when we return to Canada.

"As of June 30, travellers will be required to swipe passports both when they enter and when they depart each country. Canada and the U.S. will share the information."

We like to take transatlantic cruises from the U.S. (Ft. Lauderdale, for example) to Europe, whether it is to Rome, Venice, Barcelona, etc. So, if we swipe our passport when we cross into the U.S. to get on the ship in the U.S., is there something in place for the American government to know that we have left their country once we board the ship, especially since we will not swipe our passport again until we fly back home to Canada, after anywhere from 14-30 days at sea, and in Europe? Otherwise, that will appear to the two governments that we have been in the U.S. all of that time when, in fact, it may be for as little as only one or two days, before we got on the ship.

Since we are snowbirds, we need this issue clarified so that we do not stay in the U.S. beyond the stipulated days.

Cal Haddad & Maria Cicero
Dundas, ON

Response :
Ed.: This is a good news question! On your way to pick up that cruise or heading to Mexico, etc., you are considered to be in transit to a non-U.S. destination. These days are not counted as visiting the United States. Simply advise immigration when you enter the U.S. that this is what you are doing and they, hopefully, will put it on your file. Do the same thing when re-entering the U.S. after your cruise. Always remember that any border guard can make an arbitrary decision about anything.

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