Take a vacation while on vacation

Fall 2014 CSANews Issue 92  |   Posted date : Oct 14, 2014.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

I recently read a newspaper article supposedly written by a U.S. immigration lawyer that states that, when snowbirds like ourselves spend time in the U.S., if we take a trip to another country from the U.S. and are gone for fewer than 30 days, when we calculate our six months’ time period, we must include the time outside of the U.S. It did not sound correct to us and we are wondering if you can clarify?

Jeannette Ramsden
West Kelowna, BC

Response :
Ed: The article was correct. This is quite unfair in our opinion and is one reason that we really need this Snowbird Visa. If you come home for Christmas in the middle of your trip, the U.S. counts the time in Canada as time in the U.S., because you just left the U.S. temporarily and are planning to return.

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