Date of submission of Form 8840

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

There have been many questions regarding the wisdom of submitting a form 8840 to the IRS and it certainly makes sense to do this. Would you please provide clarification on two points? First, we are assuming that both my wife and I must submit separate forms. Is this correct? Second, can these be submitted at any time during the year, or should we wait to submit it nearer to their normal tax deadline which I understand is mid-June? Thank you for the excellent advice and service that you are providing to all snowbirds.

Doug Hodgins
Bobcaygeon, ON
Salt Spring Island, BC

Response :
Ed: Both you and your wife should file the 8840 and I would tend to file it when you file your Canadian taxes, just so that it acts as a reminder. Any time between January 1 and the end of June of the following year is fine.

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