Need to expose bad insurance companies

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

I think you are doing a grave disservice to your Canadian readers for not letting them know which insurance company refused to pay for the hospital that treated the little girl in Mexico. I have used insurance companies over the years and had no problem until I was stranded out west in Oregon. I had a major company who would not help me. I had to find someone to fly out and drive me and my motorhome home. I later found out that I had Lyme disease and was sick for over two years. I paid all the expenses and had to prove that I couldn't get back by myself. They eventually paid some of it, but you can believe I dropped that company the next year. We need to expose these companies and they just might smarten up when no one uses their company.

B Cormack
Barrie, ON

Response :
Ed.: I agree with you, Barbara. The problem is that big insurers have big pockets for lawyers and, unless you get written permission from the clients and the hospitals, you really can’t say anything. When you do, you are in court for telling the truth. The last case took three years to settle, but we did win. It’s just not worth the fight, however. So now we have two nasty insurance companies – the one for the little girl and yours. I always say to just buy Medipac as that is the best option. By the way, if you had called us, we would have helped you, for free. That’s just who we are. Congratulations on beating Lyme disease; it is more dangerous than most people think.

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