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Dear Bird Talk,
I have been given an exit date of March 8, 2015, even though it is far fewer than 182 days for my stay in the U.S. The agent would not tell me why. Is there a way to get this visit extended to April 15? Even though I have never overstayed in the U.S. and have no criminal record, etc., I find the way I am being questioned and treated by customs officials very unfriendly. It leaves me feeling stressed even when I have been open, truthful and polite, as recommended. I have never felt like that anywhere else in the world that I have travelled. I'm questioning why I'm bothering to go to the U.S. when there are many other places that are much more welcoming. Is anyone keeping track of negative experiences? I know there is no recourse individually, but surely the U.S. should be aware of how they are mistreating Canadians. Can CSA advocate for us?
Louise Mccooeye
Calgary, AB

Response :
Ed.: You must leave before that date! This ruling by a border agent has no appeal process and there is no way to request an extension from this ruling. Length of stay is determined solely at the discretion of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at the time of admission, as you found out. CSA is keeping track of both the positive and negative experiences of our members as they travel to the United States and other destinations. We, along with other travel groups, have also raised these concerns with various members of Congress. We remain hopeful that the changes in policy for which the CSA is currently advocating via the JOLT Act will result in a more expeditious and pleasant entry process for Canadian retirees.

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