Returning to Canada for short time

Spring 2015 CSANews Issue 94  |   Posted date : Jun 16, 2015.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,
I was told that if you have coverage (we have six-month coverage Nov-Apr) and we go back to Canada for Christmas, that coverage is void and we have to reapply for more coverage when we go back to Arizona?
Nikki D.
Edmonton, AB

Response :
Ed.: You must be very careful about this. Many insurance companies will assume that you are returning for medical reasons and, as such, will automatically cancel your policy. This is rarely correct of course, as most of us are just seeing our kids and grandkids for Christmas or the holidays. Medipac allows “In and Out” privileges, although you must call us if you have a health or medication change while you are in Canada. It is also usually cheaper to buy two policies rather than one long one. You can do this at the same time, even with Early Bird, and the only “issue” is that you must meet the pre-existing conditions again when you return after Christmas.

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