Monitoring of advertisers in CSANews

Spring 2015 CSANews Issue 94  |   Posted date : Jun 16, 2015.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,
In your last newsletter, there was an ad for the Canadian company called "Roam." Does CSA endorse this cell phone company? Has CSA in the past investigated and recommended smart phone plans to their members who use text, talk and data in the U.S. If not, why not? Thanks in advance for your reply.
Paul Wilke
Regina, SK

Response :
Ed.: At CSANews, we try to monitor our advertisers and we also try to do the same for our Extravaganzas. These advertisers are NOT endorsed by the CSA unless it says so in the ad. We have ejected three or four groups from our shows for misrepresenting themselves at the time of booking and, in fact, are fighting one of them in court right now. We expect to win, but who knows? Roam bought an ad, that is all, and we have had no complaints about their service.

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