CSA President Award Honourees recognize group effort for fundraiser

Summer 2015 CSANews Issue 95  |   Posted date : Jul 17, 2015.Back to list

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Dear Bird Talk,

Our names are Pat and Brian Irving and we are writing about an item in the spring 2015 Issue 94, under “CSA President’s Award Honourees” page 46, beside our photo that recognizes the terrific honour bestowed on us, which states; “Pat and Brian Irving held a charity fundraiser.” We really appreciate that the three fallen RCMP officers were mentioned in the CSA magazine; however, I would like very much to clarify your statement. While it is true that the idea for the RCMP Memorial Golf Event came from us, it was only after presenting our idea to the other members of the Royal Oaks Golf and Residential Community Association – and with their support – that our idea and the golf tournament grew from there. The event was organized by a large group of dynamic committee members and volunteers, who worked non-stop from June 4 until July 30 (just eight weeks) to ensure that the day would be outstanding and memorable for all involved. At the end of the day, this Memorial Golf Tournament raised more than $385,000 dollars for the RCMP Foundation. If you would like more information about this event, go to Facebook and type in “Codiac RCMP Memorial Golf Tournament.”

We feel it important to recognize that it was an effort which was put forth by a large number of people in our community and feel the need to make that clear to readers, as well as to congratulate these devoted folks who worked so hard to make the difference.

Thanking you respectfully,

Pat and Brian Irving
Moncton, NB

Response :
Ed.: Every great idea needs many people to implement it properly. Congratulations to everyone involved for an incredible job.

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