Retiree Visa for Canadian citizens or Canadian residents?

Summer 2015 CSANews Issue 95  |   Posted date : Jul 17, 2015.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Is the potential "Retiree Visa" for Canadian citizens or Canadian residents? The root of my question is, if a person was a Canadian citizen but a resident of Costa Rica or Panama (as an example), would they be able to spend eight months in the U.S. with a "Canadian Retiree Visa for the U.S."?

Ehyan Caldwell
Canmore, AB

Response :
Ed.: Section 4503 of the JOLT ACT sets out the proposed criteria for eligibility to obtain the "Retiree Visa." One requirement is that the person maintain a residence in Canada. What this means would be defined by regulations to be created after the passage of the bill by the U.S. Congress and Senate. Conceivably, one could have a "residence" in more than one country. Until the regulations are passed, an accurate answer cannot be given. At first blush, the answer would appear to be "no," but there are possibilities.

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