No spare tire in rental car

Fall 2015 CSANews Issue 96  |   Posted date : Sep 29, 2015.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

We rented a car in Colorado and had a slow leak in a tire; we found there was no spare, only a blow-up kit with a sealer included. However, if you had a slash in your tire it would be useless, so you may wish to be sure that you have a spare if you are travelling to remote areas. In addition, the airbag recall states that this is a main concern in high heat and humidity areas, so they would not be concerned with notifying Canadians. This could be a problem for snowbirds, as we travel to warm areas for the winter and should possibly see about the inherent danger of our airbags activating when we go south.

Robert Mackay
St. George, ON

Response :
Ed.: Always check your spare tire to make sure that it is working and suitable for use before travelling, and ask when renting a car. We tend to just ignore the substantial bad press about airbags, and we do so at our peril. These defective airbags are very dangerous and, as Mr. Mackay points out, the problem worsens in the high heat and humidity. And don’t think that it is someone else’s problem; almost every car has had airbag recalls. See your friendly dealer.

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