What does Revenue Canada accept as an allowable expense?

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Dear Bird Talk,

I have been told that I can claim my out-of-country medical insurance premium as a medical expense when I file my Canadian income tax. However, when I talked to Revenue Canada, they told me the premium is only an allowable expense if it covers exclusively what would be normal medical expenses. In other words, if the policy also includes coverage for items such as life insurance, return of deceased remains home, return of pet home, etc., then the premium is not an allowable medical expense. Do you know if this is correct and, if it is, do you know of any insurance company that offers a policy that Revenue Canada would accept as an allowable expense?

Andy White
Prince George, B.C.

Response :
Ed.: Your Medipac policy is a 100% tax-deductible expense. We have had extensive discussions with the Canadian Department of Finance and they have agreed to allow the deduction for your entire premium. If anyone is disallowed this deduction, we will be happy to fight it on your behalf.

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