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Spring 2016 CSANews Issue 98  |   Posted date : Jul 15, 2016.Back to list

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Confused; friends go out of country for just under six months each and every year. How is this possible with calculating back two years prior. Is there something I am not understanding, as a lot of people I know do five to six months every year.

Herman B.
Port Colborne, ON

Response :
Ed.: Your friends are allowed to visit the U.S. for six months, every year, as indicated in the above answer. Your confusion is mixing up the U.S. tax man and the U.S. immigration man. If you regularly go for three months or longer, I recommend that you file a Form 8840 with the IRS (the tax man). This will tell the IRS that you have a closer connection to Canada and are taxed in Canada. Also, to avoid additional confusion, the IRS works on a calendar year for tax purposes. The Form 8840 is available from the CSA on their website at www.snowbirds.org.

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