Vitamin K vs. Potassium

Summer 2016 CSANews Issue 99  |   Posted date : Jul 20, 2016.Back to list

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In reply to the letter about atrial fibrillation and the avoidance of foods containing vitamin K. The editorial reply has confused vitamin K with K-potassium.

The former, vitamin K, encourages clotting (and should be avoided if you have AFib), while potassium (found in bananas) is good for the heart and blood pressure.

Another food high in vitamin K which should be avoided with Afib is kale.

Cliff O.
Comox, B.C.

Response :
Ed.: You are absolutely correct and I was mistaken. It is the potassium in bananas that is helpful for my high blood pressure. Potassium is a chemical element known as “K” in the periodic table and is element # 19. Vitamin “K” is a compound found in some leafy vegetables and meats, cheeses and eggs. We received several excellent letters about this subject. Thank you.

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