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I am travelling to the U.S. in August with my truck and travel trailer and vacationing for three weeks in different states. I am planning on being in Tennessee at the end of the three weeks and then storing the truck and trailer for the winter and flying back to Canada. I am planning to return the following year and continue touring the U.S. and do the same thing over and over for a few years, with the truck and trailer being stored in a different state each year until finally ending in Florida. I realize that my Canadian insurance is only good for six months and that I will have to legally import and register the truck and trailer in the U.S. due to being there for more than one year. Can you give me some direction on how/where I should register the truck and trailer and maybe an insurance company that can provide me with insurance for this type of situation??

Gerald T.
Gander, NL

Response :
Ed.: What a great few years lie ahead! The insurance issue is fairly easy to solve as Allstate, State Farm and others will love to underwrite your insurance. You will need to suspend coverages, except for comprehensive coverage (fire and theft, basically), each time you return to Canada. Your main problem will be..."Where do you live?"...on the insurance application. You will need a mailing address or a friend in the state in which you register the vehicle. The best state to register in would be in a non-border state, preferably rural in nature, and not beside those big rivers that flood or those big cities with crime. Insurance costs vary dramatically, by state, so get a few quotes first.

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