Prescribed Medications

Fall 2016 CSANews Issue 100  |   Posted date : Sep 28, 2016.Back to list

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Section C, question 6b on the Medipac Travel Insurance Application asks if you have been prescribed three or more medications for hypertension. One of my medications is a combination of Ramipril/Hydrochlorothiazide in one pill. To answer that question correctly, is this considered one medication or two when applying for travel insurance?

Patrick L
Huntsville, ON

Response :
Ed.: We made the conscious decision to allow one pill to have more than one medication in it. It is only counted as one pill (medication). We felt that many people, especially seniors, would not be aware of the exact content of their medications and wanted people to travel with certainty of their coverage. One of many, many reasons to buy Medipac Travel Insurance.

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