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We just learned today that the company (Certas) that purchased State Farm Canada WILL NOT insure your vehicle for more than 180 days in the U.S. This was told to me at the renewal of our policy, by our local agent, and confirmed by a call to the company underwriters.

In the past, with State Farm Canada, this was not an issue. I suggest that any snowbird with this coverage immediately check with their agent.

Wayne F
Trenton, ON

Response :
Ed.: The reality is that no insurance company wants to insure your vehicle for more than 180 days outside of Canada. Most insurers have limits such as a maximum 30-day absence; other insurers will charge you an additional premium to stay away for a month, or two, or six. Some will even tell you to buy your insurance elsewhere. Every snowbird should ask their agent or insurer for confirmation of coverage for the period for which they are away, preferably in writing.

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