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Every year, thousands of snowbirds travel south. I am wondering if the CSA has ever approached travel hotels to work out a travellers' discount, such as is offered with CAA?

Chris C

Response :
Ed.: Great question and, yes, we have had hotel deals in the past. We had arrangements with Holiday Inns, Days Inns, and Choice Hotels, which has several brands. The discounts were reasonable, but we found that we got too many complaints – on service, on price and on cleanliness. We decided to make personal visits to see what really happened on the front line and we found that, if you ask, you usually got a better price than what our discounts provided. We reviewed AARP, CARP and other discount programs and they all had similar discounts to CSA’s. The only “real” discounts we found were through the CPSA, which is the Canadian Professional Sales Association. Several of my senior staff are members, as they travel extensively, but the annual price is quite high. There are also discount coupon books that you can buy and these can be quite good. Just do an Internet search to find them.

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