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This is a shout-out to J. Ross Quigley for his article in the summer 2016 issue in which he referred to laser treatment to stop smoking. As any former or current smoker knows, quitting is very hard. Having been a smoker for more than 50 years, I failed with every quitting method offered by my medical team – none of whom ever suggested laser treatment. I had never heard of it.

Reading Mr. Quigley’s statements that laser treatment works and is effective prodded me. After a quick Internet search, I found a clinic and made an appointment before I could change my mind.

However, the cost was closer to $300, not including the vitamins promoted as part of the program, bringing the total to $425, compared to Mr. Quigley’s quoted cost of $100. However, booster shots are included for a few weeks and I do go for those when necessary.

Bottom line – this is day 44 and soon, a very nice bottle of chilled champagne will be shared with my team. To anyone thinking about quitting, it does require will power, determination and a strong support team but, so far, this treatment works better than anything else I have tried.

Thank you, Ross Quigley!
An Ontario Snowbird

Response :
Ed: Congratulations! I am not sure if the vitamins help or not, but the results of the laser treatment are excellent. Never give in and watch out for New Year’s Eve!

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