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From time to time, I see articles in Bird Talk regarding questions on telephone services between Canada & U.S. Prior to departing Canada in 2016, I signed up with a company called Comwave which was advertising a six-month promotional deal for unlimited Canada & U.S. long distance for $19.95 per month. Sounded like a no-brainer, since I was paying out $35.00 per month to my provider for local calling only. The Comwave system uses your Wi-Fi. My only issue here was what conditions applied with Comwave when I go seasonal. Well, to my disbelief, the agent indicated to me that would not be a problem; for an additional cost of $10.00, I could take my wireless phones with me along with my local phone number to use in the U.S. at no additional usage fees other than my Wi-Fi service. I could also make unlimited long-distance calls throughout the U.S. and Canada using my local Canadian phone number from my U.S. residence. With nothing to lose for the first 'free' six months, I signed up and Comwave handled the transfer of my local phone number to their company. Everything seems smooth and the system worked well in Canada for a month before being set up at our U.S. residence, where it has been working flawlessly too. So snowbirds, check out the website www.comwave.net. Your 911 can be configured to either address.

Merrill Andrews
St. John’s NL

Response :
Ed: We don’t usually print this type of e-mail as it is sort of an advertisement. This sounds pretty good to me, though, and I thought that we should pass it along. CSA does not recommend any particular phone carriers, as their rules and costs seem to change every day.

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