U.S. duration limits

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I would like to know how many months we can be in the U.S. every year and when does the year start? All this in plain English. Thank you.

Joe Hall
Niagara Falls, ON

Response :
Ed.: The year starts on the day you cross the border. You may stay for up to six months during the following 12-month period. That’s it!

Sometimes, a border guard will only allow you a shorter period (for instance – only 90 days); in that case, you will have to comply with the shorter length of stay and leave when the 90 days are up. People tend to get confused between the IRS (taxes) and the Department of Homeland Security (formerly the INS), which deals with immigration. Taxes are calculated on a calendar year basis, while lengths of stay are calculated for ANY 12-month period – starting from the day you cross the border.

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