Fatty liver

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
I enjoy your Bird Talk letters and responses. What makes it so great is that, as snowbirds, we all have a lot in common and we share our experiences through your efforts.

My concern is health insurance (a favourite topic among seniors). Within the last year or so, on two occasions acquaintances of ours were denied health coverage because of a "fatty liver" condition. The insurance says that the persons answered NO to the liver question. In one case, the person suffered an ailment totally unrelated to the liver. In both cases, the persons had to be air-evac to Canada with no insurance coverage. In one case, the patient was not even aware that he was afflicted with this condition. How many of us might have this liver condition and not be aware of it? I just want to pass this on. Any suggestion as to what action a snowbird should take?

Chuck Gentes
St. Catharines, ON

Response :
Ed.: I have a fatty liver, and most of our readers will, as well. It is not really considered a disease but is as a result of our rich diets and lifestyles. Both of your friends had the same problem – they purchased the wrong insurance. These two insurers/brokers spent their time looking for ways to decline claims and your friends thought that their (perhaps cheaper) price would cover them properly. These are two more excellent examples of why you should only buy Medipac. We would have paid both of these claims based on your facts. I would have both of your friends write a letter of outrage to the president of the insurance company and the head of the brokerage company, if one was involved. This is outrageous treatment of our snowbird community.

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