Filling out Form 8840

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We are snowbirds who have been filling out the Form 8840 yearly. We understand that the B2 visa allows us ? as visitors ? to stay in the U.S. for up to six months in a 12-month period. What confuses me and others, I would think, is how to enter the number of days you were present in the U.S. on the Form 8840. These are two different issues, one being for tax purposes and one for immigration, I believe. On filing out the number of days on the Form 8840, I have submitted the actual days we were present in the U.S., excluding days where we returned home for a week or so. Is this the right way to fill out the form?

Sherry E.
Vancouver, B.C.

Response :
Ed.: That is the correct way to fill in the 8840 ? using only the actual days in the U.S.

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