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Many in the snowbird community must be thinking about the use of medical marijuana. Please give us guidelines concerning Medipac and U.S. border regulations.

James Butler
Oakville, ON

Response :
Ed.: A great and timely question. DO NOT try to take marijuana into the United States, or anywhere else for that matter. Many countries have severe penalties, including jail and physical punishment, if you are found "importing" drugs. I had Evan Rachkovsky, CSA’s research analyst, check the situation in Florida and he says;

"Even with a Canadian prescription for medical marijuana, it would be illegal to cross into the United States with it.

Florida recently passed legislation in June to expand access to medical marijuana (it was a ballot issue from the general election – amendment 2). Part of the legislation expands access to seasonal residents, who are defined as any person who temporarily resides in the state for a period of at least 31 consecutive days in each calendar year, maintains a temporary residence in the state, returns to the state or jurisdiction of his or her residence at least one time during each calendar year, and is registered to vote or pays income tax in another state or jurisdiction."

This website may be of interest and I would review specific regulations if you winter in other states.
Florida's Expanded Medical Marijuana Bill

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