Overstaying 182 days in the U.S.

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Can anyone comment on what happens if you overstay your 182 days in the U.S.? I understand that the IRS can consider you taxable on worldwide income, but do they contact you? Has anyone had this happen to them? If it's over by a few days, are they still going to make an effort to chase you down?

Jay Wilkins
London, ON

Response :
Ed.: Many snowbirds have stayed a little longer and nothing has happened to them, so the "community buzz" is that the government doesn’t know and the government doesn’t care. I can assure you that the government DOES care! In this day and age, their tracking systems are becoming more and more sophisticated and your chances of being caught are increasing. When they do catch you, they usually send a letter asking for information (they already have it, of course). You are then caught up in their investigation, which is very intrusive. I am personally aware of a few cases in the West, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and penalties. A lifetime travel ban was also part of the possible penalty.

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