Annual Add-on for Canadian travel

Fall 2017 CSANews Issue 104  |   Posted date : Sep 11, 2017.Back to list

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In the spring, 2017 CSANews Issue 102, I questioned if any travel health insurance company covered travel in Canada at a reasonable rate. You responded that "the Medipac Annual plan covers unlimited 23-day trips anywhere in the world and also covers you for up to six months in Canada when outside your province of residence." My 2016-2017 Medipac Travel Insurance Guide clearly states on page 12 that you are covered for only 90 days for travel in Canada. Could you please clarify?

Victor Wall
Lac du Bonnet, MB

Response :
Ed.: Absolutely, this was a mid-term increase in our benefits (from 90 days to 182 days) and we did not think it practical to reissue tens of thousands of policies. If we reduced benefits, which we try not to do, then we would naturally have to notify you. The 2017 Early Bird guide reflects the new benefits and the policy does, as well, on page 29. Six months is correct.

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