Lack of diversity in CSANews

Fall 2017 CSANews Issue 104  |   Posted date : Sep 11, 2017.Back to list

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My wife and I enjoy the information and articles found in your magazine.
However, I keep being disappointed at the lack of diverse representation depicted in the individuals represented in your articles and features. The most recent issue [summer 2017] is a case in point: there is diversity on the back cover for the Medipac ad and one person represented on page 39 – and she is out of focus because of the nature of the photograph.

Come on, folks – this is Canada's sesquicentennial – show the true faces of our great country and represent all Canadians.

Clary Croft
Nova Scotia

Response :
Ed.: I decided to review a few of our past issues for diversity and it appears that you are correct. I will speak to our picture “deciders” and see if we can’t improve in this area. I also printed your letter so that everyone could see “sesquicentennial” in writing and know how to spell it. I am still practising.

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