"Working" in the U.S.

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
I know Canadians can't work in the U.S. without a "green card," but the definition of work has changed a lot lately. What about Canadians who "telecommute"? I work in software. This winter, I'll be in Florida with my laptop and I'll be earning a living while I'm there. So I'm working. I'm in the U.S. But I won't be earning any money from any American company. I'm working for a Canadian company connected to a computer located in Ontario. The employer and customer are both in Canada. The work is happening in Canada. My paycheque comes from a Canadian company and is deposited into a Canadian bank. But I'm in the U.S. Am I breaking any rules? You seem to know the answers to so many snowbird questions, I'm hoping you can help us with this one.

Toronto, ON

[That's a fictitious name, in case I'm breaking any rules ? I don't want to get in any trouble!]

Response :
Every situation is different, of course, but your situation appears to be fine. You are not taking a job from an American citizen and that is one of the primary criteria used in decisions that are made. Also, everything surrounding your employment is in Canada. I, personally, am in exactly the same boat and you do know my real name, so I would not worry. We are trying to address this somewhat grey factor in our Snowbird Visa, as well.

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