8840 receipt

Winter 2017 CSANews Issue 105  |   Posted date : Dec 11, 2017.Back to list

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Re: your fall 2017 issue, a reader was concerned that no receipt was confirmed or received when they submitted Form 8840.

We have been completing this form for several years and, when sending in the form, we pay an extra $5 to have a receipt mailed back to us confirming that the government has received the form. A small price to pay for those who may be concerned about this issue.
The card to do this (which is attached to the envelope being mailed) can be obtained at any U.S. post office.
There is no indication that the government has read the form, only that they received it.

Doug Morrison
Toronto, ON

Response :
For those concerned this is an excellent idea, but we do not think it is necessary. I would simply note on each form when and where you mailed it and keep copies for several years.

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