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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Enclosed please find a photo taken on our "Canada Day" in February at our golf club Martin Downs Golf & Country Club in Palm City FL.

I wanted to thank you for the dinner table "Placemats" which were provided thru the "Snowbird" magazine. Bill Leeder did a great job of getting them to us on time, all 140 of them. This was the first "Canada Day" but will not be the last as it was a complete success with over 100 male attendees. Nine holes of golf followed by a great fun dinner & evening. We had trouble getting Canadian flags and mountie items but we did put lots of items together for the event.

The "Mountie Ranger" was my husband Dick & he had a great time patrolling, gun in tow, the 9 holes. Next year we will be taking our Canadian items needed with us. Thank again for making the placemats available. Hope you will do it again.

Margaret Innes

Response :
We are glad to be part of your event. Please see page 17 for more details about the placemat program.

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