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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
We own a house in Florida, where we spend three months of the year.

We made a will in Canada leaving that house to our children. Now, a Canadian snowbird neighbour in Florida tells us that we should make a U.S. will for our U.S. property to make things easier for our kids when we pass away? Is there any merit in this advice?

Konrad Finckenstein

Response :

Ed.: Yes! Just do it! I recommend that you have a U.S. will for any U.S. property but, even more important, you should have a U.S.-based living will. Authorities in general are not convinced by documents presented from another country, even Canada. In the event of a medical emergency, you do not want or need unnecessary delays in obtaining treatment, or declining treatment, for that matter. The cost is usually US$100-$200.

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