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Dear Don Slinger,

Regarding the gentleman who just received a disability pension through the Royal Canadian Legion. The Legion not only carries out great work for veterans but is very community conscious with monitory contributions to it.

Its too bad this veteran had not been a member for so many years. He would have been aware many years ago that his disability was war related, therefore pensionable. All through the years in the Legion magazine they have stated these facts. Also when the veteran passes away his wife is eligible for a pension. Sir I hope you are an active Legion member now. Over many years through the Hong Kong Veterans, War Amps and the Legion I now receive a 100% pension.

A proud Legion member.
Take Care
Bob Clayton

Response :
The whole tenure of my column was to advise veterans to become associated with Legions if they haven't been in the past.

I know several veterans who don't belong to the Legion and consequently aren't up to date with the benefits.

Hopefully my article and your letter will draw them closer together. You can stand tall for being a proud Legion member.

Thanks for writing.

Don Slinger ­ Veteran

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