Confiscating cellphones at the border

Fall 2018 CSANews Issue 108  |   Posted date : Sep 06, 2018.Back to list

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A friend of mine just sent me an e-mail stating that U.S. border guards now have the authority to request your cellphone and its password. If you refuse, the border guards can confiscate the phone for up to five days. Is there any truth to this?

Ian Walker
Ottawa, ON

Response :
Ed.: Yes! Actually, the border guards can do almost anything they like to protect the United States. There have been many “bans for life” issued recently, usually relating to marijuana issues, however. It is illegal to bring marijuana into the United States, period! I would, personally, not even own stock in a marijuana company as that could be considered aiding and abetting its use. Messy! We will have more on this in a later issue.

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