Do business meetings count toward six-month rule?

Winter 2018 CSANews Issue 109  |   Posted date : Dec 19, 2018.Back to list

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I'm rapidly approaching my six-month limit for days in the U.S. this year. However, about 30 of those days have been related to declared business travel to attend academic meetings and conferences in the U.S. Do these days still count toward my six-month limit? Is there a way to separate this kind of non-remunerated business travel so that it does not count toward my days in the U.S.? I file an 8840 annually.

Rita Vine
Toronto, ON

Response :
Ed.: Emphatically "yes." Every day or part of a day counts towards your six-month limit. You can apply to the INS for a special extension for academic purposes (or other purposes too, such as medical or caregiving, etc.) and they may grant it to you, but it does take forever to get a reply.

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