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Winter 2018 CSANews Issue 109  |   Posted date : Dec 19, 2018.Back to list

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OHIP now requires you to attest that Canada is your principal residence. We spend seven months in the U.S. and five months in Ontario. Given these circumstances, can we still maintain OHIP?

Arthur Wenk
Brechin, ON

Response :
Ed.: The CSA has lobbied and received approval in Ontario and many other provinces (through regulation changes) to stay outside of the province for up to seven months. Your OHIP coverage remains intact. However, you do have a very serious problem. You are only allowed to remain in the United States for six (6) months. Staying longer can result in severe penalties including travel bans, fines and even arrest. Please reduce your U.S. plans to six months. A month plus in the Caribbean can be very pleasant.

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