How long can we stay out of Quebec in a year?

Spring 2019 CSANews Issue 110  |   Posted date : May 29, 2019.Back to list

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We own a house in Newport, VT, where we spend fewer than six months. We are planning other vacation time to be spent in other countries in 2019. What are the consequences in Québec?

Michel Bérubé
Sherbrooke, QC

Response :
Ed.: Quebec allows a six-month absence in any calendar year. You would be able to spend the balance of your six months, not spent in Vermont, anywhere you like. They also have an unlimited number of 21-day trips which you can take outside of the province. This is over and above the basic six-month absence. CSA is hoping to get Quebec to increase the 21 days to 23 days, to be more convenient for members.

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