Kudos to Medipac

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Note: We are approaching our Early Bird Travel Insurance time, and felt that we should remind you what a few of our customers really think of us.

Kudos to Medipac

We had already purchased our winter insurance and were preparing to go to Yuma, AZ for the winter, when my wife fell ill and required surgery, which meant staying home for the winter. Medipac returned our total amount within three weeks of my phone call and mailing proof of a medical problem. Thank you, Medipac, for your quick response with no quibbling.

Bob Nicol
Sardis, BC

Thanks, Medipac

I would like to thank Medipac for the great service they provided to me when I needed to use their services. Last March, while in Mexico, I had an angina attack and went to a local hospital in Playa Del Carmen, had tests done there, and was then taken to another hospital in Cancun. Medipac was advised and, after being in the hospital for two days and declared stable, the decision was made to air-lift me to Montreal to my hospital, where I had an angioplasty the following day to unblock one of my stents.

I had to pay up front in Mexico for the hospital stays and services and, when home, there was never any question about being reimbursed. It took a few months to get reimbursed, the delay only the fault of my hospital in Montreal for not sending my records to them. If any of your readers are in doubt about Medipac, don't be! They are a great company. Just make sure that you answer any questions they ask when filling out their forms for insurance and don't BS them; even if you only take an aspirin, tell them.

Thanks, Medipac,

Peter Kuzik
Sainte Anne De Bellevue, QC

Response :
Ed.: We would have given the Mexican hospital Medipac’s credit card if they had asked; that is a much safer way to deal with this kind of situation in Mexico.

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