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I am a board member and former vice-president of a Florida homeowners association. I was told that I may be in trouble with immigration, as I did help with new contracts and co-sign bank cheques. I am a legal resident of Ontario and have a winter home in Florida. The board decided that it was cheaper to not rehire the former manager and have the board do all of the oversight of running a moderately sized HOA. Am I in trouble?

Joe Subbaro

Response :
Ed.: There are two tests as to whether an activity is considered “working,” which would of course be prohibited. One is whether pay is received for the activity and the second is whether the activity is one that an American could be doing, and you are thus depriving him or her of gainful employment. As long as your activity is not for pay and is restricted to helping the owners of the units, we see no issues. We know many persons who have taken such positions on boards and they have never encountered any problems. Well done for volunteering your time!

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