Medipac Credit Card

Summer 2019 CSANews Issue 111  |   Posted date : Aug 09, 2019.Back to list

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In your note to Peter Kuzik in the spring issue 2019, issue #110, when you stated, "We would have given the Mexican…Medipac's credit card," did you mean Medipac's insurance card? Please explain. Wording is very ambiguous.

Thank you,
James Smith

Response :
Ed.: This was, and is, the Medipac company credit card.

Sometimes a hospital, especially in Mexico, will not treat you unless they are given a credit card in advance. Do NOT give them your credit card, because there is a fairly high probability of abuse. Call Medipac and Medipac will give them their credit card. They will then have to deal with us rather than you for payment, and we are very good at this.

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