Government Can Break the Law with Impunity?

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Dear Sir,

My wife and I winter in Arizona for health reasons, and this past winter I had bronchitis and was treated by a doctor, at a clinic, at a cost of $118 (US), approx. $192 (CDN).

I have $1,000 deductible on my travel health insurance so I billed OHIP for the $118 (US) ($192 CDN) and received $27.05 from OHIP in return.

The portability clause of the Canada Health Act says clearly and unequivocally that "where the insured health services are provided out of Canada, payment (by the Province) is made on the basis of the amount that would have been paid by the Province for similar treatment at home."


Am I supposed to believe that the treatment I received in the U.S. for $192 (CDN) would only cost $27 in Ontario?

Where does it say that, while I have to obey the law of the land, the government can break the law with impunity??

Keith McLean

Response :
Actually, Mr. McLean, using Medipac's recoveries from OHIP as an average, only $16 would normally be payable. Either payment is a joke and totally illegal under the Canada Health Act. Romanow is now recommending you get nothing! An election is coming and we will have our chance to "say our piece" in the ballot box.

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